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BMW's upcoming advertising campaign: The Story of Joy

As featured on Bimmerpost Homepage.

This is a pretty neat video compilation of what BMW has on offer currently. And by the sounds of it, this will become the advertising slogan of the season for BMW. They have already used the Joy theme for 2 recently released BMW vehicles and they plan to expand the theme at the IAA Frankfurt show that will see the X1 and 5erGT as well as supposedly an all new car under the effiency title that is said to be the Z2, a small, lighter and more agile Z car.

Here is a translation of the monologue from the video:
We are BMW, but we don't just build cars. We invent time machines... build snow plows... and procure works of art. ... . We win friends and cultivate friendships. We are efficient and dynamic... We give a face to the future. It was clear to us from the beginning that what people feel is exactly as important as what they drive. Joy is what moves us. Joy is BMW.