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Originally Posted by Gantra
I'd like to add that you should be careful with the claybar. Personally, if you have new paint (new car), don't get anywhere near a claybar. Those things are good at catching particles on paint but they can also catch large particles of grit and then drag it across your paint, thus scratching it.

If you already have scratches, then you won't really notice. But if you have perfect brand new paint, don't even think of using a claybar.

I've talked to one person who who had perfect paint before the claybar and scratched paint after using one. Be careful.
Claybar is safe, you just have to becareful. Do the proper steps!!! But it is true that you can scratch the car, but then again anything that touches the car can scratch it up. Such as clean drying towels, polishing pads, yes and even the clean wash mitt. It just part of the process from washing. You have to just deal with it and buff it out.