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Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
Big Tone (E92Fan - or Mr Moderator Sir to you and me! ) picked me up from my home this morning at 5am and we drove up to Hartlepool to pick up my new car - another White E92 M3 but this time with DCT. We made good time and even with a stop for breakfast we were there for 9.30am!! Will give a full report once ive had it a few weeks but first impressions are pretty good. Plus points - i absolutely love the new 2009 iDrive system, massive improvement on the DVD based system, lovely screen and some really nice and useful features - love the keyless entry and keyless start/go - really like the DCT box "overall", smooth changes and paddles feel nice in your hands!! Negative points - car feels quite a bit slower than my old E92 M3 (which maybe proves how good the Evolve remap was/is) but then it has only just done 6,000 miles and the original owner admitted to driving like Miss Daisy!! Im also a little disappointed that the car doesnt seem to "blip" the throttle as much as i would have hoped it would do on the downshifts but maybe i was spoiled by my CSL and maybe when i have the Race exhaust fitted next week it will sound better?? Im also not keen on the gloss black shadow line trim, i much preferred my old matt trim. But overall though im pretty happy with my new purchase. Its booked in next week to have the Eibach Pro Kit and spacers plus all the CF badges and wheel caps. Im also having the Remus Race exhaust fitted and the BMC filter plus the Evolve boys are going to remap it and remove the top speed limiter. Then the wheels are going to get sprayed gunmetal again next friday but im going to try and get Scott to do them a more matt/flat colour if possible. One of the things i also love about this car is it hasnt had the factory rear tints fitted - so im also going to get Pentagon to do all the windows a light smoke all round so they all match - great!! Theres little point posting pics of it as it looks almost identical to my last M3 when i first bought it. Will post up a few when the first stage of mods are done and let you know how good the exhaust sounds!! Finally, on the way home Tony and i made an SLK 55 AMG sandwich on the A1M - have to say it was no quicker than the M3 and at some points i managed to pull away from him. Suddenly Tony disappeared from my rear view mirror and when i finally managed to get through to him on the phone it turned out he had a rozzer rammed up his tailpipes!!! Thanks again big fella for taking me up to get the car, much appreciated and see you soon! Steve.

Hoops, glad you made it back home ok and are enjoying the car. Is a lovely motor and certainly goes pretty well, although I think that remap needs to be done sooner rather than later! We did have a fun drive with that SLK55, until that rozzer nosed up to the back of me and wedged itself up my arse... You and the SLK had just ducked inside to get through the traffic, and I was about to follow suit when I saw this white 5er Touring admiring the back end of my car... He followed me all the way through the roadworks to where I joined up to the M1. Scared the crap out of me initially, but then I realised that he couldn't have got a speed reading from us as his view would have been obscured by the traffic. Fortunately!

That SLK55 was a bit disappointing though I have to say - I was tucked right up to its rear bumper and would have gone past quite easily if there was less traffic... as it was, probably a good thing I was held up

Eventually got home around 9pm as I detoured through various bits of London to run some errands. Was exhausted so sorry I didn't phone you back.

Was good to see you - look forward to seeing the car again once it's been 'massaged'...