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Originally Posted by tima
Bravo! Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures and write the description. The location of the drain plug behind the trap door is great info.

Couple questions for ya:

1. Did you measure the new oil, or just try to get close, then check the electronic gauge and adjust, or what? Guess I'm and old fogey and miss having a dip stick, which has been a wholly reliable device on every car I've owned.

2. What about pre-filling into the filter compartment - is it possible? I'd always dumped a-third-of-a-quart into a canister style filter before fitment
1. I had to guess the appropriate amount of oil - I put in about 6.5 quarts. I then checked the level with the on-board computer. It told me that I was at the maximum level. I've been checking it daily, and it still says the oil is at the proper level. I do agree that a dipstick is faster and more reliable, although you don't get your hands dirty with the computerized sensor... I'm still checking it because I don't fully trust the computer - yet.

2. I guess you can prefill the filter housing. I'm not sure what benefit it would have. Unlike some canister filters, it does not have a flow-back check valve. It is completely open on one side. So you will spill some or all of the oil putting it back on - especially since it's vertical.