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Deep Green 335i

Exterior wash and clay:
Foam Cannon with CG CWG and Maxi Suds
2 Bucket Wash with CG CWG
P21s TAW
CRC Spotless System
Ez Detail Brush For Wheels
PAL Auto Purple Clay

Vx5000 Steam Cleaner
303 Aerospace Protectant
Megs Leather Conditions
Stoners Invisible Glass

Paint Correction:
Megs Burgandy Wool w M105 on Hood and Trunk via Makita Rotary
Menz SIP w/ Orange LC Pad multiple times on the entire car via Makita Rotary
Menz 106FF on White LC Pad via Rotary on entire Car
Washes to remove all polishing oils and dust

Jetseal 109
DP MaxWax

Megs Hyper Dressing
Megs ASD
Eagle Tire Dressing(water based)

Extra Fine Steel Wool and Mothers Polish

Had some usual car wash swirling, along with deeper swirls on the hood and trunk from extra pressure when drying is my guess. Lower panels and side skirts needed some serious claying, as you can see looking at the clay bar after doing one skirt.


Before and After of swirls:



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