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Unhappy Just got Dinan stage 2 and.......not that impressed

I spent nearly a hundred hours reading every forum on the net when trying to decide what I was going to do to my '08 335 w/step. My conclusion, was the dinan was just slightly less 'powerful' than the V3. But, factoring in that I wasn't go to do anything else with the car and no hassles when taking it in for service, I figured I'll just go that route.

I read that sometimes you have to wait a couple days for the computer to 'learn', well 5 days later and not that impressive. I do think that there is some improvement, but no where near what I expected. If anything, I find more intial lag, then slightly stronger mid range. Absolutely zero traction issues, even though it's auto, I thought I'd still have some potential spin issues with factory rubber.

I understand that the factory numbers are underated, and I wasn't going to see a 40% increase in torque (300 to 420ft-lbs), but such a marginal improvment for more than 2k, what's the deal?

I'm going to take it back next week, but what should I ask them to be looking for? The dealership has done over a hundred flashes, and they say no one has complained. Was I just expected too much. I had an '06 330 before this, and was really really impressed with the stock 335i. I just kept reading that a flash/piggy back would add soooo much more.

Any thoughts?