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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
Are you feathering the throttle or something?

In DS or in M I can light up the traction control/spin the wheels at will, and that is case still even after I upgraded to bigger/better wheels and rubber.
Originally Posted by ohaywood View Post
I would put the JB+ on as well as the Dinan tune.

Cool so while most people spend less than $900 for a JB3 and a bav tech tool that not only allows you to clear codes but can do other things. This guy should not only spend the $2k. But spend $300 more for a JB+ or 1k more for a descent set of tires. I thought a FLASH was suppose to be instant with no adaptation anyway cuz your Re Flashing the DME not tricking it.

Your in canada. Dont u guys get like 93/94 octane.get your money back for the flash from the stealership and raise hell and have them reflash your car back to stock. Get Jb3/Dci/BT tool combo for $1k and put the other $1k back in your bank account.

When you get it put it on MAP 7. Let it adapt for a day and go blow the doors off the thing. Oh and make sure your heart is in good health cuz the car will be exciting as hell to drive.

P.S im not dawging anyone elses choice. But voicing my opinion on what i think about the Dinan. I understand to some money may not be a factor. But to me the Jb3 is not only a money saver but a quality product
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