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Originally Posted by bmm3csl View Post
I have had many cars from these guys with no problem, they are the cheepest around and sell loads of cars, don't be put off by some bad stories not everyone is going to be happy....... my last car I got from them 3 months ago was an m3 csl, I looked everywhere and these guys were the cheepest and best......... I think if you want to be treated like a king and pay well over the odds go to BMW main dealer, but for good cheep cars these guys are the best, just go and have a look.
Originally Posted by robsbmw View Post
My family and I have bought 14-15 cars over the last ten years from Big Motoring World. My last car I purchased at the beginning of this year and have had five months of trouble free motoring. I have met the owner on numerous occasions he has been in the motoring trade for over twenty years and started of in a small way in Teynham. I am not surprised at the expansion of the site in West Malling as a company they work hard on all aspects of the motor trade from sales through to finance. The new site will have over 500 cars and will be the biggest independent dealer in England. I say good luck to him he has worked hard to achieve his success.

I was actually going to close this thread, because it serves no purpose other than to warn people off the abject horrors of Big Motoring World. However now that those two 'members' have joined up, both driving non-E9x cars, both with one post proclaiming the alleged virtues of Big Motoring World (do they think we're all that gullible? ), I am going to leave this thread wide open so that the world can see their sad attempts at 'image rectification' After all, I wouldn't want to be accused of 'covering up' for other people and abusing my moderator privileges

What's funny to me is that had those two not attempted to 'fix' this thread, it would have disappeared into the deepest darkest regions of E90post never to be seen again. The last post was 21st November 2008...!! Seven months ago!! Now, they're going to have to fight to keep it off the front pages of Google !! In fact, I'm going to Sticky the post here too...

Oh, and I also am going to echo RobsBMW sentiments, as I don't ever want to wish misfortune on anyone - "I say good luck to him he has worked hard to achieve his success (edit - on this forum in particular!!!)"