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Originally Posted by "07"BobbyBimmer View Post
Today was first time ever running 1/4 mile(at a track). Gotta say it was a lotta fun. I dont know how much time you lose with a 20 mile an hour wind blowing straight at you, but if I imagine you lose a few 10ths? So whats the next step to get into the 12's running our crappy Cali 91 octane, JB3?

1) Model and Transmission: e92 335i w/step
2) Elevation, Temp and Humidity:sea level,57deg,dont know
3) All performance modifications done to the car:bone stock, not even golf tee mod like lowcruzr
4) Level of gas ran and how much gas in the tank?: 91, 1/2 tank
5) Any weight reduction done to the car??; none
4) Type of tires and rims?? VIP Modular 3pc 10-1/2 rear,8-1/2 front, 275/30-19 & 245/35-19 front General Exclaim UHP, running 43lbs in all tires
5) Years of driving the type of transmission?? too many to count
6) Obviously some type of proof of your 0-60 time, trap speed and finally quarter mile time. Preferably some video or slip or link to the drag time slip website to your direct slip.
Well done considering the head wind! The first mod in going faster would be to lose the million pound wheels at each corner. Slap the factory 18's back on all four corners and see if it makes a difference. I'd be willing to bet it helps.
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