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Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
2009 E93 335i Automatic
55ft Elevation, 75 degrees and 63% humidity
Jb3 1.22 Map 7, BMS Intake
1/4 tank 93 octane 1/4 tank100 octane (1/2 tank total mix)
Took out "trunk partition" that you lower on the E93 and trunk matt.
Total weight was 4,126 LBS
Stock RFT with 18" stock rims (rear tires set to 26psi, front set to 50psi)

1/4 mile time: 13.1 (all three times)
Trap speed: 108mph (best trap)
60': 2.10

I lowered the map to map 6 and still ran a 13.19, but trap speed was 106.7mph.

This is a 13.1 @107 on map 7:

I can't find my best run which was 13.1 @ 108mph... I'll keep searching.

Traction control was completely OFF.
I was launching from 1st gear at 1.7k RPM shifting myself 600rpm before redline.
I guess I could have done better if I left it in DS.
Wow, those things are heavy... and apparently fast with a JB3. I put mine on the track scale and it came in at 3540 without me in it. I'm only 140lbs (including clothes, sadly) so at 3680 I'm well over 400lbs lighter.
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