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It seems that digits 8 and 10 probably aren't still used for the meanings that were indicated on the attachment in post #25. So far digit 11 correctly reveals the country of origin, at least for the small number of VINs that have been posted here. It also seems pretty obvious that German made cars are loaded in Zeebruegge, Belgium and South African made cars are loaded at Durban.

We can't say that every E90 sedan is made in South Africa, because Beejay's 320d sedan was loaded in Belgium and this agrees with digit 11 of the VIN number. Maybe it is because its a diesel, or maybe due to other factors.

If someone orders a car with "BMW Individual" paint and interior, I believe the final assembly will be done in Germany. I would guess that components and petrol engines may still come from South Africa, but it seems very hard for us to know.