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Originally Posted by Backattack
Excellent work! What does the new kit look like installed, and will it void the factory warranty? (will the black box know what's going on?).
I'll post pics tomorrow of the Xede install. Any mods to the powertrain can potentially void the warranty. No such thing as a free lunch, right? Of course, unlike an ECU reflash, the Xede is easily removable and leaves no traces behind.

335e90-- We didn't not install the switch in Sam's car. That'll come sometime in Jan or Feb, along with the ship-able production version of our exhaust. We still have to mold an insert for the ash tray to house the switch and remote LED.

uhaulball-- Until the next of the year, we're offering free installation and tuning. So the full turn-key price for the Stg 1 kit (Xede and Exhaust) is $3000. Likewise, the Stg 0 kit (Xede only) is $1300. Install and tuning will add another $500 starting Jan. 1st.