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Originally Posted by R12ax7 View Post
I'm not sure if there are 2 levels of limp mode (can anyone explain exactly what limp mode does mechanically, does it just disengage the turbos?), I know some people say there is a lot of shaking and such, but I was able to drive essentially normally for the minute or 2 it took to get to a red light and I just turned the car off and then right back on and everything was fine.
It seems like limp mode (1/2 full engine icon) just cuts boost because the car feels much slower maybe like a 330i with a poor tune. If you get the 1/2 engine + SEL (service engine light) then you really have like no power and maintaining 50 mph on the interstate is hard to do.

Just pull over and shut the car off, wait a minute and restart it. This usually cures the LIMP mode. If you get SEL then I had to go to the dealer and have my HPFP replaced, could not clear that light.