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Originally Posted by e90southfl View Post
I started having the same issue over the last couple of weeks with my SSTT. I am down in Miami and it seems ever since its gotten warmer and more humid, I go into limp mode about once every 2 weeks. The code I have been throwing is this one, always at the same RPM too...

30FF Exhaust fume turbo charger, low pressure side
Error will not cause a warning light
Error is not currently present
Test conditions have been completed

Event 1Odometer 53152kms 33027miles
ambient pressure 997.66 hPa
ambient temperature 27.75 C
pressure in front of throttle valve 134.00 kPa
speed 2,048.00 rpm

If I remove the SSTT, I do not go into Limp mode. I was running the JB1 for months without issues.
I beleive that error code is a possible boost leak...