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Originally Posted by e90southfl View Post
I think its only fair that on a public forum everyone is aware that there are known issues with ALL tunes. I am running an SSTT. Its only unfair to everyone else if we try to resolve issues behind the scenes with the vendor. Even if its only a handful of people with this issue, its still an issue and anyone buying a tune should be aware of these possible issues.

I find it very ironic that the limp mode occurs at the same exact RPM with the JB+ and SSTT in similar temperatures. The easy solution for the JB+ is to turn the boost lower, I do not have that option. The real solution would be to figure out what is different with the cars that have this issue (e.g. leak, oil in intercooler, higher mileage) compared to just lowering the boost.
I have a feeling it has nothing to do with the JB+. I drove my on a recent road trip through the desert (temps hitting around 110 for about 4 hours striaght) with my JB+ turned up to 90% and not one error code or limp mode was induced, and I since I was in the desert with not one car around, I pushed my car very very hard. It could be the fact that your car has the beginning stages of an issue and the JB+'s increase of the boost is bringing the issue to the front burner..
Just my .02 mixed with a little common sense.