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Originally Posted by AoshichanX View Post
UPDATE 2/19/09
  1. Members have noted the shoddy service from Bimmernav. Avoid Bimmernav at all costs, order from Tischer! All links to Bimmernav have been removed.
  2. Also, the rumor of programming Bluetooth without the FZD is officially a myth. Since FZDs are roughly ~$200 I think all of us have already tried to complete the retrofit without it and we learned the hard way. Remember, FZD IS NOT OPTIONAL and is also VIN specific.
  3. Cost
    • TCU Module - BMW Part #: 84109171590 - $675 ($548 from Tischer but no stock...ever)
    • Microphone - $55
    • Bracket - BMW Part #: 65156937700 - $15
    • Installation and Programming Costs - $396.24 (quoted from Savage BMW in Ontario- 3 hours of programming only - no labor)

[*]Going in, Savage assumed all they needed was the TCU since I had phone prep. Along the way they discovered I needed this part and then another part. Basically, all the parts from the SIB *pdf were required for this complete retrofit.[*]My Bimmernav Kit
  • TCU Module - BMW Part #: 84109171590 - $675
  • Microphone - $55
  • BMW Bluetooth Antenna - Included
  • Shipping USPS Priority - $29
[*]Savage BMW
  • Bracket for Telematics Control- - BMW Part #: 65156937700 - $18.26
  • FZD - BMW Part #: 61319137523 (this is VEHICLE SPECIFIC and may be different for your car) - $268.42**
  • Hex Nut - BMW Part #: 07129906048 - $0.68
  • Nut - BMW Part #:41248147832 - $0.18
  • Loudspeaker - - BMW Part #: 65136938657 - $19.86
  • Installation and Programming Costs - $538.38 (1 hour labor, 3 hours of programming)
  • Tax - $24.02
[*]Total: $1631.48 (Vehicle option is $750 if ordered with the car )
So, I am in Northern California and I'm going to think about getting this on a 2008 328 with base stereo and without iDrive.

I could drive down to Ontario and spend a weekend there and have Savage BMW do it, however, I assume some dealer in Northern California should be able to do it for the same price or less.

Is there somewhere to order all of the official parts listed in the SIB online for less than dealer retail? I'd like to have all the parts ready to go and only pay the dealer for installation/programming.
I have the car's first scheduled maintenance visit due in a couple weeks and I'd like to just make one trip out of it and get a loaner car covered.
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