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Originally Posted by roller84
Was Sam's car a stick or auto?

Also, what are the chance's that you will release an exhaust for the E90 335i?
Sam's car was Stick. Just like ours. As mentioned earlier, the only difference was that his was non-Sport, had the ECU update and an X-pipe in the exhaust.

We will be offering an exhaust for the sedan as well. Just a matter of time. I haven't even seen a sedan 335i yet.

As far as upcoming customers go, any of those cars auto?

btw, graph looks great. gains look promising. I really want to see the result without the exhaust(stg 0). If I do get my hands on the 335i, I really don't want exhaust...
I don't think any of the cars next week are auto. I could be wrong though. We'll see soon enough. The exhaust by itself isn't a big power gainer. We only saw 10whp and 10lbft of torque with it. Really not worth it by itself unless you want the car to be louder than stock. With the XEDE, though we're able to take advantage of the reduced back pressure and make some big gains. Next week, we'll see what we can make with just the XEDE (and stock exhaust). No need to speculate right now.

imsambeen, where are you!!!!!
Probably sleeping after his 6hr drive home last night. The probably didn't get home until 3am. Some people actually spend their time away from computers on Sundays

I thought somewhere else you mentioned that you were getting 370 tq to the rear wheels between 2500-4500rpm. Why don't you apply that method to the stage 1 kit?
As mentioned earlier, those results were off of my car on another Dynojet I visited last month. All the result above, for both my and Sam's car, have been off of the Modacar Dynojet which is conservatively calibrated. Besides, I use my car to push the envelope. Cusomters only get tunes which are tested and conservative. Unless they ask for balls out, of course.