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Originally Posted by RambleJ View Post
I have a feeling it has nothing to do with the JB+. I drove my on a recent road trip through the desert (temps hitting around 110 for about 4 hours striaght) with my JB+ turned up to 90% and not one error code or limp mode was induced, and I since I was in the desert with not one car around, I pushed my car very very hard. It could be the fact that your car has the beginning stages of an issue and the JB+'s increase of the boost is bringing the issue to the front burner..
Just my .02 mixed with a little common sense.
Inapplicable. Driving in a desert with minimum humidity does not compare.

Originally Posted by E92White View Post
OP,first things first.

1.Contact Burger Motorsports.

2.If possible,get your car scanned.If you dont want to buy a scanner,there might be someone local who can scan your car.
He's got a BT. So he's scanned it.