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I Confirm No DTC Error Codes On Mine

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and just got mine 2008 335i E92 Coupe. I just want to shed some light on this mod. I was curious if it will throw any codes out and I was also curious if the drivers side exhaust is locked during cold startup. On mine it was locked. The easy way to check put your hand over the exhaust outlet and feel if it's blowing (driver side) if it is not then you got the valve closed during cold start, hence single exhaust. This is how it was on mine. Next I did the mod in like 60 seconds and I noticed a nice growl, the propre sound for this bimmer. Next I drove it around the block and came back. I hooked up my laptop with Auterra Dyno Scan latest edition to check for any old and any new DTC errors in cars memory and nothing. Everything is empty. So I can confirm that this mod DOES NOT THROW any codes as the rummor goes around. If you think logically, when you upgrade your exhaust the vavle is obviously gone, ya I know that the Actuator is still plugged in but it's not doing anything since the valve is gone with the new exhaust. About side effects, I don't think there is any. I only see improvement as outlined.

- Nice growl
- the turbos spool a little quicker as the exhaust escapes more freely
- Price ( ITS FREE)
- Time it takes to do (60 seconds)
- NO DTC error codes whatso ever (at least not on 2008 335i E92 Coupe) verified using Auterra Dyno Scan.

The only thing I would like to mod is getting rid of the cats and run straight pipes with the stock exhaust using this mod however thats not street legal