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Originally Posted by radgator1
Nice work again Shiv

Concerning this:

One thing we found out during the testing is that non-Sport packaged cars wont rev out all the way to 7000rpm in 4th gear due to the lower max speed limiter. This is why the dyno graph only goes up to 6300rpm.

Is there a reason why you wern't able to correct this and make the non-sport car the same as Sport by allowing it to rev to redline in 4th through 6th and get the speed limiter to 155. I recall you said you wouldn't remove the 155 limit but I can't see why you wouldn't tune the non-sp to match the Sp unless it adds a deal of complexity. Can you comment please.

Thanks, Kevin
x2. Ive already seen the wheels I want to add, and will probably lighten the seats up down the road also, but this rev limit and top speed limit alone would make me want to spend the extra 1k or so for sports package, but definately not if I dont have to, and can offset it towards the xede