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Originally Posted by m_power View Post
Sorry if this is posted and I missed it, but I'm guessing these are VMR CSL's right? Will there be rubbing issues if I get the performance suspension? How much for 19" staggered for a pre-LCI e90 sedan?
no rubbing issues at all, they are available in specific offsets that are for the e9X platform. Pricing is here:
Originally Posted by BKV122 View Post
Bump! For great wheels and a question...

When cleaning the matte black finish, will a wheel cleaner hurt the finish? I used soap and water for my first wash just to be safe.
I just use car wash or spray wax to clean them. Treat it like you treat your cars paint and they will be fine

Originally Posted by IU328xi View Post
Hmm, if i would like to buy a set of blue time attack ring for my 19" Miro CSL, do you think it will fit? Btw, is there any pics of any color of time attack ring in a silver wheel mounted on a car? Something like the pics of the silver CSL with the red T/A ring on the 1st post but mounted on a car. Thanks
no pictures of that set up mounted on a car that I have seen. The rings should fit miro CSL, but I have not tried it, so I cant be 100% confident that they will fit