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The perfect example is the one just above this.

I somewhat agree, but not entirely. Your comment about the annonimity of the boards is true. Much the same as the apparent annonimity people seem to get when driving. I think we see similar patterns here.

I don't think I've personally ever started a name-calling session (unless an attempt at wit goes awry), but I don't like to back down from it once I see it either. Call it a honk or a middle finger on the information highway. I think that those few jerks will be generally ostricized(sp) by the rest and eventually go find another playground with smaller kids.

I have found that there are some really cool folks here, and enjoy reading and contributing to most of the posts. Hopefully most feel the same way. But I also think that the board reflects another - and IMHO terrible element of our society, and that is our passion for being offended. We get up in the morning just looking for something to offend us so we can be victimized and demand compensation. Sometimes you just have to turn the radio or TV station, walk away from the conversation, read a different magazine, or log off the forum...

Sorry for the soap box.

I think it is bad luck to be superstitious