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how to connect to the optical wire diagram?

Originally Posted by bluelake View Post
Here are some diagrams and pictures that might help people in their future installs.

First I took a look at the wiring harness by the amp (std. US-spec "Hi-Fi" stereo, non-L7). Wow! What a tangle.


So I pried them apart to figure it out.

Wiring Harness-1 copy.jpg

Then, to avoid confusion I made this wiring diagram on the computer.

BMW Hi-Fi Wiring Diagram.jpg

Then I decided to make one to help out the Logic 7 folks.

Wiring Diagram-l L7.jpg

If I got anything wrong, please let me know and I'll revise. I was working off some forum thread info for the L-7, since I don't have such a system. Cheers and good luck.

Thank you for the info but i want to connect an aftermarket amp to my 335i E93 Logic 7 HU but i have only one optical fiber opticcable running from the HU to the amp, Where do i connect my converter wires?