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Originally Posted by jreich View Post
There is a cheap way to do it:

A) shop around at your local salvage yard and haggle with them or buy on ebay.
B) buy all other parts from tischer
C) install everything yourself.

My total cost was $400, would have been $300 if I didnt get the FZD, which I'm pretty sure you dont need if you get a TCU that has already been programmed (mine FZD is gray in a tan car, so I know for a fact the FZD isnt made for my car so theres no point of it. The Assist worked, but after I got off the phone with them, they somehow disabled my Assist. I tried to push the button again and it said "call error" )

Sorry for the confusion, but if you go the tischer route you are looking at a FZD (the price recently went up to almost $350 I think), REMAN TCU, loudspeaker, possibly a MIC, and dealer programming. ~1100 seems about right, I'd go the cheaper route if you are willing to wait a couple months.

Dealer said if I wanted to enable the Assist it would cost 2 hours of labor, so I opted out.

i talked to tischer.... they think all i need is the TCU and programming. since i have idrive, i think i will have to get the programming no matter what since the phone option isnt on my idrive screen. unless it pops up after the TCU is installed... the guy i talked to was going to check with a few other techs just to get a second opinion. im leaning towards the bimmernav TCU... installing it myself and then going to tischer for programming... of course ill wait to hear the techs second opinion.

jreich.... did your phone options just show up on your display after the install?... i know you dont have idrive but i would think the systems are similar.... is the coding/programming for the system to recognize the TCU?... or is it actually coding the TCU unit?

thanks for all the help... i hate being the question whore.