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Originally Posted by jreich View Post
First, if you dont have an FZD with the Assist button I don't know how programming will work with a TCU since I havent tried it myself and since the SSS searching for these units before program. If the Progman has a "program bluetooth only" option, you may be fine with your FZD you have now. There is actually a TCU only ebay now, I'd bid on that. Now You will probably need a bluetooth antenna and and a loud speaker as way to check is to take the lower panel thats below the steering column and look for these devices. If you dont have them, buy them from tischer.

Now for your questions:
did your phone options just show up on your display after the install?
- yes, if you search for my user name I think I have pictures.

Is the coding/programming for the system to recognize the TCU?
-well not exactly since my system recognized the TCU without programming. My guess is the programming is to make sure your TCU can communicate with other devices in the Ring MOST network. The Progman will probably connect to the MOST port and verify this and reflash anything that is necessary to allow all devices to work together so that your TCU and talk to your idrive and such. I would imagine the main cost of the dealer programming is the part where the Progman has to verify everything is working correctly.

Do search the forums for info about this retrofit. I wouldnt get anything from bimmernav due to what people have said about them. Better off buying on ebay or from tischer.

is this the tcu you are talking about?|240%3A1318