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Originally Posted by Tortfeasor 335xi View Post
And your source for this information is...? Just because they have not been here responding to every little thread posted mentioning them does not mean they will produce shovel ware and then disappear. We won't know how good or bad this tune is till its released.

Again, your source for this information is...? If there is demand for new maps, why would they not continue to R and D new ones? The very fact they are bothering with our segment of the aftermarket argues against this.

And what does this rant have to do with GIAC or anything for that matter? Some people like making big numbers and running race gas, more power to them. Literally. If you don't want to, good for you, no one is forcing you to. Also, have you done any research or surveys of people running these maps to see the frequency of failure versus the stock car or people running other tunes or do you have access to this information? I doubt you do. Aside from hearsay from the forums I am betting you have no idea how reliable these tunes are. But feel free to post actual data on the subject to prove me wrong. That is, non hearsay, actual data showing failure rates. I am sure everyone on the forum would love to see that as well.

Your real purpose here is obvious, to shit all over a tune that is not even out yet, in some vain attempt to defend your own purchase of a competing tune. That is the only real purpose to your discussion of the Procede or JB3. If you are happy with your tune, good. But posting up attacks on other tunes is pointless without real data to back up your arguments.

My source?How bout 4 cars running flash tunes,2 b5 s4s running off the shelf giac tunes,My brother and cousin have both been running a giac flash for a few years now,got the flash and that was it.No retunes,no forums,NO PROBLEMS WITH THERE TUNES.

See I emailed giac the second week the 335i came out and was very interested in there flash,they told me they were doing a few other projects and would get to it eventually.

Some more sources for you,I have been running the shark injector on my m3 for 8 fucking years without a single problem with the tune,you know whyyyyyy,because jim C didnt go over board and go for the most power and made a safe reliable off the shelf tune,Ohhh and my dinan tune on my DD has been on the car for about 6 years now and still running fine,never once have I had a problem.

You do know that turner motorsports has a flash for the 335 right?Its been the same flash for almost a year,they did the r&d and made a tune that they can sell to the masses witch is called an off the shelf tune,its made to work perfect and work on every car with minimal mods.

There is no demand for new maps bro,they drove the car hard,made a tune and drove it hard,if there was more power to be made they would give it to you.they wont play the tune games like the jb3 and procede,see even AA left these forums,they made a tune,tweaked it,then left it solid and said that its,heres our tune,thats what you get.

Im not hating on giac,I was responding to the guy that said the ecu tuning was limited to 14psi,its not,that is where the safe limits start to get into trouble.

Heres a little real world story for you because I have been there and done that,my friend made 508whp with his 35r evo,on pump....It was basically a max dyno run,kid drove it around even tho he knew it was knocking a little and bam,the other night fucked the thing up big time.

the stock turbos are good for 15psi if you want them to last,I dont care what tune you run,do what ever you want its your car.

You sound like a perfect person for the shark edit,start flashing people cars to run 19-20psi on race and meth and see how many turbos start to whine after a few months.