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Originally Posted by grkm3 View Post
where are you getting me bashing piggies,all im saying is this tune wont be as powerfull as the jb and procede,they wont run as much boost.giac has been doing tuning for a while now.they test there tunes for a long time and put out a flash and thats it.

once its out its might have a race map ect.but there wont be maps like the jb or procede.

the 19-20 psi came from a member that I quoted that dynod his car at 19psi.Let me ask you this and be honest.

Do you run your car at 19psi?Bet you that same guy right after his dyno he went right back down to 16-17,it was nothing but a dyno queen run on race gas ect...just to post on here his new numbers

companies that flash cars dont want to keep flashing the same car,its not a easy process,they want to make a decent tune and be done with it.

This all started from a member thinking a flash tune cant go over 14psi,that is not true at all,the flash tuners choose not to go over that for a reason.
i would never be dumb enough to run my car at 19-20 psi. my car stays under 17 psi and will never see 17 psi and i dont even have a FMIC yet. The point is making as much power as possible and being SAFE with it. If you had the GIAC flash that made 60whp at 15 psi vs a piggy that made say 90 whp at 16 psi would u still go GIAC?

p.s. - i wasnt coming at you to offend u or anything. Just a healthy debate bro.
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