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Originally Posted by roozie2001 View Post
i would never be dumb enough to run my car at 19-20 psi. my car stays under 17 psi and will never see 17 psi and i dont even have a FMIC yet. The point is making as much power as possible and being SAFE with it. If you had the GIAC flash that made 60whp at 15 psi vs a piggy that made say 90 whp at 16 psi would u still go GIAC?

p.s. - i wasnt coming at you to offend u or anything. Just a healthy debate bro.
not offended at all man.

I already know whats going to happen when the dynos get posted,you will see lots of people crapping on it because it only made xamount of power,you will see bro,just wait.Your going to see all the dyno queen juice heads come in and say f that I made way more than that with my xxx tune.

they dont understand that this is ment as a safe flash for the masses.

its going to be exactly what you posted 60whp vs 90whp and one taking a little more risk than the other.