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Originally Posted by scalbert View Post
Do not expect honesty in anything as such around here.

That said, while I have run and enjoyed GIAC tunes in Audi's, I do not expect perfection right out of the box. I know there were many iterations of the B5 S4 tunes as well as the Stage 3 AWE tune. Assumptions about perfection out of the box are unfounded. But continual improvement should be expected. The delivery (of updated tunes) is the questionable part
+1, flash delivery, level of canbus integration and map switching is where the great tune battle will be won and lost since the tuners are both competent.

On one side Shiv has been consistently priced out and out-featured off of every single platform he has tuned for by a flash. On the flip side GIAC has never really successfully jumped off the VAG platform

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