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Originally Posted by denverlicious
Well i currently have an evo pretty much done everything i can without upgrading the turbo. I just want to know if the 335i is going to be roughly the same upgrade path? ive never had experience with a twin turbo setup but i'd assume its fairly similar to a single turbo. anyways just a couple Q's that are pretty basic for turbo'ed cars.

-what is the stock exhaust size ex: 2.75" 3"?
-Is the BOV recirculating or VTA?
-is the stock suspension decent and are there coilovers out yet?
-Will the intercooler need to be upgraded?
-what PSI is the stock turbo running at?

as i said pretty basic. just want to know what im getting myself into.

thanks guys!
You're in the same boat as I am, man. I have an evo with stage 1 except for cams. It's a great car, I just wish I can drive it in peace.

I'm thinking of going the euro route as well, and the 335i has proof to be a car that is somewhat cheap yet still has the power to back it up. (By cheap I mean it costs a lot less than other cars that will do the same numbers).

I drove a 335i coupe and I was sold. The turbos spool incredibly fast.

If I get the car, I would just leave it pretty much stock. Lower it on coilover (yes, they are out...I know KW and Eibach makes them) and put them on nice wheels.

The stock bov is recirculating, but unlike the Evo, it is a MAP system, not MAF. This is why our cars suck at running VTA.