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Scanned my car tonight...

Here is what I found. The car has been shuttering quite a bit on starts. Tonight I received my bt scanner from Bavarian tech. Next day shipping was great!! Thanks to Will. These are all the codes I found:

2F6C Exhaust fume flap, input signal
29CF multiple cylinders misfiring?
29CE cylinder 2 misfiring?
29CC cylinder 3 misfiring?
D356 PT-CAN: Message TORQUE_3 (ID 0xAA) not received or wrong message length (DLC). [transmitter: DME] ?
D355 PT-CAN: Message TORQUE_2 (ID 0x0A9) not received or wrong message length (DLC). [transmitter: DME]?
D354 PT-CAN: Message TORQUE_1 (ID 0xA8) not received or wrong message length (DLC). [transmitter: DME]?
5E5B Stability control Wheel speed sensor general: Long-term (several seconds) error suspicion of 3-4 RDF led to error mode.
A3AD CAN ID 1D0 error: Engine data
A3AE CAN ID 0AA error: Idle engine speed
A559 Clamp 30g_f cutoff
E18F Central registry does not match with debit configuration (Error_Registry_New)

I am going to take it in to the dealer soon. Since it's misfiring in two cylinders. Hopefully they can fix all of these issues along with the waste gate rattle, and a couple other small issues.

I am wondering if this has anything to do with the HPFP. I already got an "updated" one about 5000 miles ago. I am not getting the long starts as before, also if I turn the car off and back on the engine light goes out.
I will keep you guys posted to what I find.

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