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who can provide such retro fit?

hi, all,

i am actually solving the same puzzle, my car is E90/325i, i bought as second hand with almost full option package, but NO cruise control. I have checked now with BMW dealer in The Netherlands, first they tried to install it but had to revert back, they just told me they installed all necessary parts and they are working fine, but car control unit did not recognize it. They tried for 2 days to "hassle" with car control sofware (i do not know what exactly they did) but gave up.

Today i have visited biggest BMW service center in Netherlands, after investigation they told me it is not possible, with no serious explanation of reasons and recommended to contact non-authorized BMW service center. So i suppose, this is some ridiculous BMW policy limitation, not a technical problem (or in conjuction with some other equipment i have function of cc is not fully guaranteed by factory or so)

I am looking just for basic functionality (static cruise control), if active cc (distance control) is possible, it is just fine. I do not care about costs, but driving without cc is just terrible. I have my E90 now for 3 months, but expecting such a problems to have basic functionality installed i would never buy it.

So if you would know any dealer/company/tuner in western Europe, that could deal with it, please let me know. I am trying to google, but i speak only English, no Dutch, German and many web pages are local languages only.

thanks for any help!