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How does one get European Delivery and how much does this cost? Seems like such an amazing experience!
haha! The best thing about Euro delivery is you save 7% off your new BMW, or i think like 5000 dollars, all you have to do is place an order at your local dealership, should work out! Use the extra $5000 for your journey! They also give you 2 round trip plane tickets at half price!

Dude, how come the plates are one off from each other? It would have been awesome to have sequential plates? Guess one order sneaked it between your two orders !!!
Haha I wish! it would have been pretty sweet, My local dealership, the San Francisco dealership said they could only place an order for one of them every month due to their recent high demand, so I placed an order around march, basically telling the salesman i would order one for march, and reserve the first spot in the next month and my father ordered the other. So even though the orders were a month apart the license plates were still pretty close!