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That Citation is sweet! My old high school had three of them back in the day for driver's ed.

That being said, BMW is seriously pissing me off with their new cars. This GT crap is horrible, the move to a four cylinder for the U.S. market is deplorable and the thought of bringing a hatchback is scaring me as well.

I bought a BMW not only for the performance, but also because of the exclusivity and luxury image of the brand. This ridiculous GT car, the fact that it looks like a Citation and the threat of a hatchback is akin to a mobile home moving in to my neighborhood. My 'value' is going down in my car with this 'mass-market appeal' campaign BMW is on. I understand the need for profit, customer expansion and product development, but this stuff is getting ridiculous.

The 1-series was bad enough, why not just bring back the 318ti?

Sorry to go on a rant, but the thought of seeing this 3-series GT pic that looks like a Citation pissed me off.
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