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Originally Posted by 2K5 325i
Subscribed to another Vishnu thread- because someday in the next year or so- I plan on snagging a SG or AW 335i ZSP 6MT, and getting all the power I can out of it!

Although: A few guys at the forum were a little upset at the fact that you are charging so much for your BMW Products :

Seems like price gouging to me... but who am I to bite the hand that feeds the mouth?

I hope your progress continues in the much discussed N54 quest!
Good luck, god speed!

Hi Chris,
The v550 kit includes just the turbo kit hardware (turbo, dp, wastegate, injectors, etc,). It does not include the exhaust, xede, cams, cam gears, fuel pump, etc,. The v550 price assumes you already have that. If you are starting from a bone stock car, you will need everything mentioned above. And the total price is closer to $7000. And you'd probably want a clutch as well (another $1800). And installation for everything is another $1500 or so. So yes, building a 550hp evo will cost you around $10k.