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Garage List

Right - All sorted

I am going to get a proof sample label delivered next week, and I will post a pic of it on here first to make sure everyone is happy with it before they send money!

* The stickers will be in the design of the forum '' logo that can be seen at the top of this page - they will be printed onto silver vinyl and will be as big as we can get them, but still fitting in a DL sized envelope to keep the postage costs down

* Cost will be 2 for a label delivered - additional labels will be 1.50 each as long as they are going into the same envelope. Artwork costs, etc have been built into the price as well as the cost of an envelope and 2nd class stamp

* Payment will be PAYPAL payment only - use 'GIFT' option to avoid the fees please

* I know there has been a list banded about but can we start a new one please - Simply copy the list below and add your name to it!


*** Any questions ?? ***

1 - dxb335d - I don't have Paypal, does that mean I can't get them?
I don't want a bundle of cheques coming through for a couple of quid. See if you can organise a purchase along with someone near you who does have Paypal

2 - lightweight - Why you guys ordering more than say 2 stickers?? Where are you planning to put them on your car should suffice right?
a) Some of us have friends
b) 1 for now and the others should last for the next 3 cars as well

3 - gerbil_b = Have we got a date roughly when these are going to be ordered yet?

Name - Username - Number of stickers required

Paul - M3FAST - 3 stickers

UPDATE - 8 July 2009

My printer emailed me this morning to say he has printed a proof onto white vinyl and posted it out 1st class - I will take a pic as soon as it arrives and prob stick it in my car and post a pic of that also

He has ordered some silver vinyl and as soon as it comes in (and I give him the nod on the proof) he is going to run off 100. I think there is already orders for about 50-ish already

I will then post up a Paypal address for you to make a gift payment to. I will then send the stickers out as soon as I have them. Hoping that they will all be with me within the next week but he is doing them as a bit of a favour as he is very busy with his main printing commitments.