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Originally Posted by Zundfolge View Post
Finally bit the bullet and got the TCU retrofit, and wanted to say how helpful the folks at Tischer were. Evan in parts gave me the complete parts list and was a great help. I had it installed at Tischer as well. SA Joe Diss quoted me $300 for the labor and honored that price even though it came up as $440 on the service computer when I brought the car in. I was given a loaner for this job even though it was not a warranty repair or maintenance. Turns out I did not need the back up antenna or bracket for my car (E90 4/08 manufacture) and returned those parts for refund. BMW Assist is also active and Joe handled the paperwork for that as well. The Assist contract is handled through sales, not service. The Assist Safety Plan is free for the remainder of the Ultimate Service plan, even if you retrofit. While I wish I had just ordered it from the factory, I am very pleased with the retrofit and I highly recommend Tischer BMW.
Is anyone sure about the Assist subscription? The dealer thinks you don't get any free service unless it was factory installed new.

Here is someone else posting the opposite:
Originally Posted by wea View Post
Yes you can use the BMW Assist with this retrofit but that is an additional cost of $199/yr.

It is very confusing when people post opposite information. Someone is guessing and wrong.

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