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The car will limp if you have a significant boost leak. After I finished the intercooler install, I drove the car, but did not beat on it. Today I was running it pretty hard and on the freeway threw a half check engine light. Anytime I would get into boost I could here a good leak. I found the pipe in the engine bay was loose, then I found one of my lower intercooler pipes had a very small leak,(It would make a faint wistle when in boost) the clamp was a little off. Adjusted everything today and no leaks.

I have noticed as I drive the car more, the power is getting stronger. I think the car is now adapting. Also, I don't know if it changes its fuel curves after you throw a half check engine light, and then gradually re-adapts.

Also, I did not disconnect my battery, is it recommended I disconnect it for a short period of time to reset the ecu?