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Hi there,

I have a 2008 335i with Nav. Everything works fine except BMW assist(I expected) and the RTTI(I didn't expect).

I had recently some battery issues, took it in and they found an issue with the ECU which required a new ECU. All covered under warranty, and included a reprogram that I thought would also reprogram the radio to pick up ALL stations including the RTTI ones.

Apparently I'm wrong. The car has definitely been reprogrammed because it lost all memory settings in the nav address book, etc.. But I still recieve no RTTI or AM radio.

Can someone with a EURO spec car tell me exactly what the FM and AM frequency band range I should be able to recieve?

Also, I can't find any concrete info to tell me exactly how the RTTI is transmitted, via radio or via the mobile phone network.

The real confusing thing is my friend brought over a 328 without navi, had the radio reprogrammed and says he recieves ALL radio stations.