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Originally Posted by yankis View Post
Anyone tried out the new maps yes? Is there a noticeable difference in performance over the last 5-29 maps?
The mapping is identical to the 5-29 maps. We just incorporated some more safety features. The idea behind the new CAN logging is that you can now adjust your User Torque and Ignition Correction % to maximize power. Basically, our maps have always been conservative on ignition timing. That's because we actually control timing. Leaving Ign Correction at 100% preserves this conservatism. Dropping it to 0% basically makes it like a JB3 which some people (but not engines) like. Now you can monitor knock status and ignition timing under boost to determine what % you can get away with safely. You will probably find yourself somewhere in the middle (50-75%) when custom tuned for your conditions. The higher the octane, the lower the Ignition Correction %. On race gas, you will want to run 0% obviously. And of course, you can adjust each map independently.

Soon, this will be done automatically by the PROcede (auto tuning). But for now, it's a manual exercise for those who want to squeeze out every last poney safety. For others, I suggest just sticking to the defaults. They are plenty strong as they are

I'll be posting up custom tuning tutorials next week!


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