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Originally Posted by DrH
I dont get the point of a 100 octane tuning? Unless of course you're planning on building a street racer and driving around with 93+ octane all the time? or will that sort of tuning result in a more efficient map overall?
Ahhh.. i think it you've never driven a car that was mapped for 100 octane

Let me put it this way, about 75% of all our Evo XEDE customers ask for both pump gas and 100oct race gas maps when they come into the get dyno tuned. Depending on the turbo in the car, the race gas map is worth 40-100whp more than the pump gas map. On the good stuff, the cars run cooler, happier and a helluva lot stronger. They toggle over to the race gas map when they go to the drag strip, track days or even... ahem... street races. It's their secret "equalizer" when it comes to going up against the bigger boys.

I'm eager to do a 100ct map with my 335i. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm guessing it'll hit 400lbft of torque at the wheels without any problem. Peak hp will be limited by turbo capacity but I'll be dissappointed if we don't see 370whp.