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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu
Hi JP,
We have successfully raised rev limiters with the Xede. This is because the Xede is capable of driving the coils and injectors directly if configured appropriately. This is what makes it a bit different from other piggy-backs.

The main reason we have opted to be as non-evasive as possible has to do with warranty and trace-ability concerns. Our goal, first and foremost, was to make the Xede completely undectable by the DME or anyone monitoring the DME. However, if we were to ever run into issues such as E-throttle bottlenecks, we will find a way to get around it. It just hasn't happened. It seems as if modern computers are getting easier, not harder, to be manipulated if the necessary measures are taken.

About half of our business is ECU reflashing (Subaru, Evo, etc,.). The other half is XEDE tuning. Either one can be a complete engine control solution. It's up to the user to determine what his constraints and needs are.

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Hey shiv,

On a Bosch Motronic and Siemens (for BMW), there isn't a wire you can tap into and set rev limits/speed governors. Although it may be possible on certain cars with piggybacks, as far as warranty issues, in the worst case scenario a turbo blows maybe even an engine, spliced wires are visible which will mean void of warranty anyway.

Again, for informational purposes only, we're all in the same boat regardless of how we're going to tune these vehicles, but there's no "undetectable" way to tune the car (cutting wires, opening up ECUs, or ODBII tuning). All leave "junk code" or traces, or counters.

Also, what happens if the ECU begins adapting back to stock regardless of piggyback - how long has R&D been tested for the Xede?

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