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Originally Posted by JP@SI
Hey shiv,

On a Bosch Motronic and Siemens (for BMW), there isn't a wire you can tap into and set rev limits/speed governors. Although it may be possible on certain cars with piggybacks, as far as warranty issues, in the worst case scenario a turbo blows maybe even an engine, spliced wires are visible which will mean void of warranty anyway.

Again, for informational purposes only, we're all in the same boat regardless of how we're going to tune these vehicles, but there's no "undetectable" way to tune the car (cutting wires, opening up ECUs, or ODBII tuning). All leave "junk code" or traces, or counters.

Also, what happens if the ECU begins adapting back to stock regardless of piggyback - how long has R&D been tested for the Xede?

Thanks in advance,
Hi JP.
We are cutting no wires with the XEDE install. We're not even tapping into any wires. And there is no trace, counters or "junk codes" associated with running the XEDE. I'd like to think we thought it out pretty well. As for ECU adapting back to stock, it doesn't because we effectively recalibrate the feedback sensors responsible for the learning. The DME sees nothing out of the ordindary.

Injector duty cycle, Calculated load, Wastegate duty, fuel pressure, knock counts, fuel/ignition trims, wideband signals, etc,. will all show normal values when logged. A lot of this is attributable to the software flexability with regards to mapping. We're able to generate conditional inputs/outputs based upon any number of input/output variables. I don't know of any stand-alone or piggy-back system that does this. Nor I am aware of anyone who has managed to reverse engineer such tuner-definable logic into factory ROM functionality. Every system has it's strenghts. This just happens to be ours. So far, we've put close to 5000 miles on our car. 4800 miles with the XEDE. The car has displayed perfect long-term consistency. And there is no reason for this to change.