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Sniz knows from first hand expirience how this shit can happen. I had same exact situation as you. Bent pipe and everything. But worse, a water hose was knicked by the cutting tool. It seemed like just barely deep enough to worry about. It recently burst and the shop needed special tool to replace the bloody expensive little plastic water pipe and the attachments. I parted with $550 for that little exercise. And had to wait all week because no-one had the pipe in stock, had to special order. I hear snake hissing and whistling which Clem inspected and concluded was really my brakes. I have tried spraying the brake cleaner and it still wont go away.

I am paranoid its my bent charge pipe hissing like a snake because there is small leak which is not big enough to cause any problems YET. I don't worry about it, when it happens it will happan without warning just like the water hose later burst with no warning. I was lucky I was only a block away from home and there is garage behind my building that the guys do Land Rovers and Audis, and they took care of it. If this happened on the highway far from home, Ouch$$$$! Because you are not going to take it in to the dealer. And apparently BMW Assist will only tow you to a dealer. I got AAA now. Shit helps to know.

I want DPs, but I am afraid to mess with it anymore incase I provoke any more drama. If I get DPs, I'll look at changing that charge-pipe too and have Sniz install it. I think it is major $$$ for that sucker, so for now, I will let sleeping dogs lie.
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