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Originally Posted by Dannys 335i
We will be driving around with a 93 octane tune all the time. The 100 octane tune...well its all about run what you brung.
It was pretty funny last year when the price of premium was approaching $4/gallon here in CA. While the price of race gas, by the barrel, was unchanged at approx $5/gallon. I don't think I've ever done so many race gas tunes in a season. We even made a few trunk-mounted aux fuel cells that held 10 gallons of the good stuff. When the time came, the user would flip the Xede's switch to the race gas map, the turn the knob that activated the secondary tank and voila... it's go time. Now, with the bigger price differential between pump and race gas, methanol injection is getting more popular. And with the charge cooling effects it brings, the gains are fantastic.