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Originally Posted by RiXst3r
Yep, page 23, and it was answered... in this post

dont worry about the 20 bucks...

Sorry, but he is right and you are still wrong. He wasn't asking about Shiv removing the 155 limiter on the ZSP equipped cars which is what the post you linked was referencing. I'm not sure why it is so hard for you to see the difference but it is 2 completely different Q & A's:

1. Shiv, can/will the Xede remove the 155 MPH speed limiter or increase the rev limiter above 7000, Answer, No (see page 23)

2. Shiv, can the Xede make the non-ZSP equipped 335i's the same as ZSP 335i's so that the top speed is limited at 155 and the car will redline at 7000 rpm in 4th gear, Answer, "It'll take a bit of work. And, to be honest, it's a safety/liability issue I'd rather not get into." page 3 take 5.

To me this answer is still somewhat ambiguous. I can't see how it is a liability issue since you are still under the self imposed 155 max that I think pretty much all imports conform to except P cars and ultra exotics Lets face it, we are all exposed to liability whether it is tunign a car to accellerate much faster and someone going kaboom, or practicing medicine, law, construction, etc.