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Yea, i think diesel engine doesn't rev so it does not feel as exciting. But it should be still very fast. Some ppl might not agree but I feel that 335 does not have as much pulling power compare to diesel. I was given a 335 coupe with DCT last time i was at service and to be honest, i think it doesn't pull at well compare to diesel coz it has slightly less torque. Obviously it is still quicker coz it has more kw so it does accelerate faster off the lights with higher revs to 7000rmo and less lag.

Dont forget u can chip it with less worries with diesel engines. I will be chipping mine when i run it in properly. I think u can get it to 210 kw and close to 600nm after chipping.

Diesel engines do not rev so if u r used to high rev petrol engines, u might not like it.

Just my thought... THEY ARE ALL EXCELLENT ENGINES at the end of the day