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Originally Posted by skateDFWe92 View Post
dont get me wrong the dyno results from jb3's make the product very tempting .....
but active autowerke said it throws no codes ( i searched and couldnt find any, please post a link if you know of any aa problems)
...... and said they have invisible flash, downpipes and oilcooler all on the way. i have no experience with these products or even turbo cars i just dont think aa is as bad as some people are making it sound.????
LOL, i can give you a tune that will give you an extra 10 whp and it will never throw a code

seriously, i have been using BMS products since their first JB1 tune - i am on JB3 now - and i have never thrown a juicebox related code.
...only time i threw a code was when my methanol nozzle sprung a leak.

AA has downpipes and oil cooler on the way ?? a bit late no ??
... i have had my UR catless dps on for almost a year and a half now, and my VK oil cooler has been in my car since last summer.

the AA tune to date has few users, but i will say that some like the AA intercooler.
note that the aa ecu tune faded pretty fast once proceede and BMS juicebox products hit their stride well over a year ago.

i am not trying to bash AA cause they have had many sucesses in OTHER platforms. but if you want power now or soon, i would not wait for them.

my 2 cents
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