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Originally Posted by onesuperboi View Post
However, there are other companies that have created flash tunes already. I'm awaiting the results of the GIAC tune and from my understanding, they would allow you to flash via OBDII. So, if it's technically possible, why hasn't Shiv (or Terry), who are clearly the leaders of tuning for the N54 engine, been able to create a flash for us?
There are two steps to creating a flash.

Step 1: crack the DME/ECU and determining how to load the flash correctly and easily. So far, the companies that have flashes can only do this through their own mechanisms; meaning, you send your DME to them. This is hardly convenient for the masses although it is not a deal breaker IMO. But the other issue with the first is that it often causes issues with the second. The knowledge in cracking the ECU/DME may is strictly computer science/engineering. It does not mean the individual has any knowledge on how and why and engine reacts the way it does. All they may know are the bits and bytes per say.

There is an intermediate step which can fall on either party, determining what memory addresses control what.

That leads into the Step 2, which is to actually alter the data and create a tune. Often this may be done by someone who is comfortable with engine controls and the way the engine runs. However, they may not be extremely proficient in cracking encryption algorithms. This is where most tuners come into play. They may not create the upload/download method but do understand the how’s and whys of engine tuning.

Granted, there are some companies that employ both. But often it is a sub-contracting situation for the upload/download portion or vice versa. I cannot speak for Vishnu but I suspect the delay in creating a tune is in the availability of an easy download method which seems to be getting close. In addition, with the recent inclusion of CANBus data, the need is somewhat diminished for multiple reasons.