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I was in the same situation before early this year deciding between a 335i and 330d. I picked 330d because of the following reason.
  1. Price due to lower LCT
  2. Newer Engine coz 3rd Gen Common rail has only been release last year and N54 has been around for a few years already
  3. Efficiency of diesel engine. 6.8l/100ks vs 9.6l/100ks plus diesel is slightly cheaper now compare to 98 unleaded so it will not coz u a fortune when u put pedal to metal.
  4. Better for environment. The emission meet with new EU6 standard coming in after 2014 with Blue performance however not an option is Oz.
  5. The popularity of diesel engine in Europe which is the most likely trend in oz in years to come
  6. Fun to drive with so much torque making acceleration effortless (maybe not as exciting as u know). Excellent with my wife in the car. She does not feel the car pushing as hard therefore making feel like we r not going fast so she wont complain as much .
  7. The fact that I can be sure the chipping or any performance increase will not stress the tranny coz the diesel gear box (6 hp-28) can handle 700nm of torque according to ZF spec where tranny in 335 (6 hp-21)will only handle 450nm. That is why the new performance upgrade kit available recently from BMW dealers only push the torque up to 450nm exactly.
    Diesel engine is also more durable therefore making it less likely to stress the engine too much. I have my x5 chipped for several years now and I have not problems with it what so ever. Plus if u go with the DPChip option, if ur engine does play up, u r cover by their warranty which is the only company in oz that offer this guarantee.

Don't want to sound too bias but I hope this helps